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The majority of you have an idea of what Simsdom is, but for those who do not, Simsdom (or SimsDomination) claims to be essentially the CC websites for finding information and is what they claim to be…

However, do not get too excited in the hopes of the possibility of a Lana replacement, because they’re so much more than the sum of their parts. Not in a good way.

It’s an old issue and that a lot of people believed that it was over however Simsdom continues to exist and even more so, I’ve observed a rising trend in my fellow Game Changers who produce videos and content on Youtuber as well as Twitch/Mixer of advertising the site using it to make CC videos of shopping hauls and streams, which are encouraging their users to sign up for Simsdom.


 I’m not going name names or name-calling, but it has made me realize that perhaps some people don’t know how terrible Simsdom can be for the entire community and especially for the amazing CC developers of Simblr.

It’s a shame to see the people who people in the community such as myself, are influenced by to promote the ad-hoc site!


Simsdom is known as a well-known CC catalog for a long time. The site is quite old and the majority of Simmers have had the opportunity to visit it. However, the CC catalogue has also been involved in certain shady activities that they’ve not been granted permission to perform.

When I first began making CC in June 2020, I’d heard about Simsdom and had reblogged an article on Tumblr to discuss the problem.

In the past, Simsdom was hiding CC behind paywalls or requiring users to pay fees to avoid waiting times, even though the CC was available to download from the original site of the creator at no cost and without waiting time. Certain downloads of people’s items were stored on the Simsdom site without consent or permission.

When people contacted Simsdom to request their items be taken off the site, Simsdom would respond in aggressive and hostile ways and even go even to talk about the possibility of doxxing at some point.

How to Access SimsDom

They also were exposed to the use of ransomware and other harmful ads on their website. Users said they had contracted viruses through them or that the ads included keyloggers.

The claims were made some time ago to show how long this have been going on for. In late October 2021 I realized that Simsdom hosted the contents of my CC on their website; currently,

  1. Before visiting official website you need to read complete post.
  2. It will help you to secure browsing in SimsDom
  3. First you need to open this URL.
  4. Then you will redirect official website
    Thats it.

SimsDom post by community members

I don’t disagree with CC catalogs that do this, but it was because they were making money from my work, and were putting them behind a paywall/timer order to force people to pay.

Be aware that you can visit my Patreon and download the entire catalog at no cost and without any timer. I wrote a post on Twitter regarding the issue in which I mainly discussed the things that Simsdom has done in the past, as well as the possibility I was notified that my CC was currently on their website.

Sims 4

The post received a lot of attention and Simsdom also jumped on my blog, explaining that the ransomware ads resulted from their domain being compromised and that they were forced to change domains. I could appreciate however these issues had been brewing and acknowledged LONG before they mentioned the domain having been compromised.

I reached out to Simsdom through a DM via Twitter and politely requested them to delete my items and they responded by removing me.

Sims 4

Sims 3

Simsdom also said that they were working on behalf of the Sims in two instances and I’m sure it could be due to the language barrier, however for someone who isn’t aware of the details, they might think that they are associated with EA.

Then, I think on November 2nd when I was planning for an DMCA remove, they took my content from their website. I came up with video in response to the incident and describing my personal experience as well as the experiences of many of my mutual friends.

Sims 3

Sims 3

Sims 2

I was thinking it would end with my version of the story. However, on the new Simsdom domain, they released one of my most recent releases, the Simblreen collection 2021.

The collection was made available to the general public on November 7 which means that they took down all my items , and then went on to publish the collection and thought that I would not notice.

It’s not even mentioning my other friends and other creators out on the internet who have items listed on the site since Simsdom refuses to remove them and block any person who wants to.

Sims 2

Sims 1

Overall, the experience was a complete exhaustion. I felt that my work as creator, the unending hours I dedicating to my work, was completely ignored.

They took my work and placing it behind a paywall or timer and, honestly I thought about not making CC since being treated with disrespect it made me feel that my work was not worth anything. I decided to stay the course making CC, however, since making CC makes me feel happy and I enjoy making.

Sims 1

It’s shocking what they’ve done and are doing, but they’re not going to intervene unless you share the story on social media, and it goes viral. I’m extremely disappointed in their management and the way they run their website, as I believe that it could become useful if its creators were acknowledged.

Simsdom website

If you’re interested in knowing why this issue is so problematic I’ll provide the reason under the in-depth explanation below. If not, continue scrolling… However, don’t claim that I didn’t warn you.

If you check out Simsdom’s website Simsdom site (which I’ve not given the link because you shouldn’t go there) you’ll see a range of content that is custom available , and more than likely, you’ll find some of your favourites like @peacemakeric, at nolan-sims, @storylegacysims and @cryptic as well as @renorasims, @savvysweet, and numerous others. My own content is also available there too.

If you’re a creator, chances are that your content is, too; regardless of regardless of whether you’d like it to be or not. But don’t fall for the rumor that I and many of the other creators who have content on their website have not grant permission that our work be published on their site.

In actuality, the majority of us have asked Simsdom to delete our content from their website. I refer to “most” because there are certain people who are willing to upload their content on Simsdom (god knows the reason).

It is the easiest method to distinguish between the two is to examine who has uploaded the content. If you notice this:

Note = These all above shared article collected from many webpages, May be these words are owner of Simsdom. We are not responsible about these talks that is true or wrong. Don’t take as legal.